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Looking around the three-bedroom Los Angeles home that he hopes to raise a family in, Kiwi actor Charles Mesure still has to pinch himself.

Following a roller-coaster 10 years of Hollywood highs and lows – including starring on Desperate Housewives, auditioning for Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman role, crippling unemployment and a family bankruptcy – the 43-year-old is coming to terms with being a proud homeowner.

Starring alongside Vanessa Williams in Desperate Housewives.

“Initially it was really weird,” he admits to the Weekly. “Being an actor in New Zealand, even if you make a living, you’re going to be renting a flat for your entire career because we don’t make much money there.

“For a good six months, I was thinking, ‘There’s something wrong with this. There’s a house around me. It just doesn’t make sense!’ Now, after two years, it’s starting to feel like home.”

It’s no surprise Charles still can’t believe he has fulfilled his home ownership dreams, given that not so long ago, he found himself penniless and out of work for a year straight.

After making a name for himself on City Life and Street Legal in New Zealand, the UK-born, Sydney-raised actor (who considers himself a Kiwi, having built his career here) found his move to Hollywood started with a bang, as he was cast opposite Pamela Anderson in Stacked, Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer and Maggie Grace in Lost.

But a few years into his US success, the writers’ strike occurred, meaning acting roles dried up and Charles went 12 months without a single gig – a huge professional setback after 13 years of consistent work.

With Robyn Malcolm in Outrageous Fortune.

He was dealt a further blow when his parents went bankrupt and lost their home. Desperate to help, he returned to New Zealand and took a role on Outrageous Fortune.

“It was a tough time,” he says. “I was very blessed because Outrageous allowed me to send money to my folks, as well as pay off some debts in the US.”

He flew back to Los Angeles, where he landed a spot in the sci-fi series V, followed by one of his best-known roles as Vanessa Williams’ love interest on Desperate Housewives.

It’s these shows that he credits for helping him buy a property and with the house ticked off, his next hope is to start a family.

“I’d love to have kids – very often actors do stuff later in life because we spend so long trying to get our careers together, so a lot of my acting colleagues are having families in their forties rather than in their twenties or thirties. I see how much pleasure they get out of having children.”

Charles is yet to find a partner to start the next chapter of his life with, but says his perfect woman would have “a good sense of humour, be financially-independent – and be sane!”

Although Charles says he wants to retire in New Zealand one day, he’s currently LA-based in order to secure acting work.

In the meantime, he is keeping busy spending the Californian summer engrossed in Kiwi DIY as he works on his house, which has already become a hotspot for acting buddies from back home – including Tandi Wright and Craig Hall – to stay at.

Work is also thriving for Charles. He recently starred alongside Simon Baker in The Mentalist, appears on the July 2 episode of Once Upon a Time in a recurring role as the pirate Blackbeard, and is about to fly to Vancouver for a new series.

Charles appears on the July 2 episode of Once Upon a Time in a recurring role as the pirate Blackbeard.

With an endless stream of young Kiwi actors heading to Hollywood in pursuit of similar opportunities, Charles says his biggest piece of advice is to accept rejection.

“It comes with knowing how it works out here and how many actors there are. You realise there are roles you’re right for and some you’re not.

“You learn to accept that as you get older, whereas in your twenties, you want to play everything. You’re like, ‘King Lear! I can play that!’”

Of course, there are still the parts that are difficult to let slip away – most notably for Charles, being asked to audition for the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman film, then losing the role to Ben Affleck!

“I spent a full day taping my audition and it turned out beautifully,” says Charles, who has Batman film posters up in his guest bedroom.

“That was one that would have been nice to get, but hey – it’s Ben Affleck! Everyone was sticking it to him, but I think he’s going to be perfect.”


‘OUAT’s’ Charles Mesure, C. Thomas Howell Join Bravo’s ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’ (Exclusive)

The actors round out the cast of the network’s first scripted series from Marti Noxon

Bravo has rounded out the cast for its first scripted series, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” writer/producer Marti Noxon.

TheWrap has learned that “Once Upon a Time” actor Charles Mesure and veteran actor C. Thomas Howell have joined the series in major recurring roles.

Mesure will play Ralf, ex-husband to Phoebe, who’s played by “Criminal Minds” star Beau Garrett. Howell will play a love interest to main character Abby, who’s played by “House” star Lisa Edelstein.

Television viewers last saw Charles Mesure in the role of Black Beard on “Once Upon a Time.” He’s also well known for playing the mysterious (and handsome) new neighbor on the eighth season of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” Ben Faulkner. His vast TV credits include major roles on “The Mentalist,” “Crossing Jordan” and cult hit “Xena: The Warrior Princess.” GVA, Kathryn Rawlings and AKA represent Mesure.

Howell has appeared in some of Hollywood’s most memorable movies, including “The Outsiders,” “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and “Red Dawn.” Most recently, he has appeared on NBC’s “Grimm,” CBS’s “Criminal Minds” and TNT’s “Southland.” Innovative Artists, Radius and Imperium represent Howell.

Mesure and Howell join J. August Richards, Patrick Heusinger, Julianna Guill, Michael Weaver and Necar Zadegan in major recurring roles. In addition to Edelstein and Garrett, the show’s serious regulars include Janeane Garofalo and Paul Adelstein.

The series, which is based on Vicki Iovine’s “Girlfriends’ Guide” book series, follows Abby (Edelstein), the author of a self-help book series who’s hiding her separation from her husband from the public. Starting her life over again as a single woman in her 40s, she finds that advice from divorced friends leads to startling new adventures.

From Universal Cable Productions, Noxon — who wrote the pilot — is also executive producing along with Iovine, Meryl Poster and Adam Brooks, who directed the pilot. The series is set for a 2015 debut.




Charles Mesure, who plays Blackbeard in Once Upon a Time, shows he’s not afraid to take on prime TV roles.

New Zealand actor Charles Mesure is making the most of his time in the US and relishing roles as a bad guy alongside Simon Baker in The Mentalist.

New Zealand actor Charles Mesure is making the most of his time in the US and relishing roles as a bad guy alongside Simon Baker in The Mentalist.

It was a good day for Charles Mesure back in January.

Starting his morning in Los Angeles playing a Texan art thief going up against Simon Baker in The Mentalist, by nightfall he was in Vancouver kicking around with swords for his debut as English pirate Blackbeard on Once Upon a Time.

“It was crazy,” says the LA-based Kiwi. “I wrapped on The Mentalist after being flat out filming with them every day and then I was flying to Vancouver learning lines, figuring out fight choreography and trying to pull a British accent out of thin air for Once Upon a Time.

Nabbing gigs on two primetime American shows isn’t something Mesure takes for granted after 10 years in Hollywood.

His last significant television role (playing Aussie real estate developer Ben Faulkner on Desperate Housewives) came to an end two years ago and apart from stints on Burn Notice and ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Marple, a surprisingly quiet year followed.

So when the call came from Vancouver – where he was based while filming 2009 sci-fi series V – the Sydney-born former Aucklander didn’t hesitate to jump straight from one job to the other, invited to join Once without an audition.

Having cast New Zealand actress Rose McIver as Tinker Bell last year, Once producers, who knew Mesure through V, once again turned to a Kiwi after struggling to find the right actor for the role.

Charles Mesure as Gerard in Outrageous Fortune.

Charles Mesure as Blackbeard on Once Upon a Time.

Admittedly, 43-year-old Mesure wasn’t too familiar with the series and had time to watch only one episode then perfect his pirate accent, which he based on Peter O’Toole in The Lion in Winter.

“I wanted a big, loud character full of bravado, but very well-spoken. I was told nothing about the story or the character, so it really came out of developing that accent and getting up there and seeing the costume. His costume is nuts and so is the wig and the makeup. As soon as I put all of that on, it was like, ‘There he is’. It’s so much fun to play him.”

A wealthy, well-educated pirate from Bristol, Blackbeard’s story intertwines with Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and kicks off with an impressive sword fight.

Mesure didn’t run into McIver on-set, but says the cast were all welcoming of another actor from Downunder.

“It was a great cast to work with and you can’t always say that, believe me. Most of my scenes are with Colin O’Donoghue and he’s very cool. Then I did a bunch of stuff with Ginnifer Goodwin who was great – pregnant as you can be, but lovely, charming and really good-humoured.”

Playing a pirate came after he wrapped his role on The Mentalist as “a villain du jour who goes up against Simon Baker in a battle of wits”.

While The Mentalist was a one-off, the former Street Legal and Outrageous Fortune star impressed both viewers and producers with his Once debut – asked back for the show’s season finale and likely to return for season four. He credits the series’ popularity to its light-hearted nature.

“Every bloody TV show is trying to be edgy and cynical these days and Once Upon a Time is none of those things. It’s fun, playful, buoyant, optimistic and sweet and you feel that when you’re playing the scenes.

“You get to play fantastic characters and put on amazing costumes. I think people respond to that.

“People are sick of edgy, cynical television.”

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